Now You Can Create Playlists in MakeMusic Cloud

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With a repertoire library that boasts tens of thousands of titles (and counting!), we understand the growing need for the ability to curate custom lists of content for easy access and personal organization. To fulfill this need, we are excited to launch Playlists in MakeMusic Cloud! Playlists are the latest way that MakeMusic Cloud can help you save, organize, and access titles from our Interactive and Digital Sheet Music libraries. Just like creating a playlist in your favorite streaming app or listening service, MakeMusic Cloud Playlists allow you to curate music any way you want—whether that’s creating a playlist with your next concert’s repertoire, a set of warm-ups and scales, or letting students create their own “mixtapes.”

Playlist Examples:

  • Repertoire for your next concert or program.
  • A set of titles for a listening assignment.
  • Daily warm-ups, scales, and sight reading exercises.
  • Custom content created in Compose.
  • Share Playlists with Students!

How it Works:

Each playlist allows you to enter a playlist name, a custom author name, an image (like an album cover or program cover), and a description of what the playlist contains. This description area can be used for a variety of different things such as:

  • Pedagogical information about the pieces or assignment instructions.
  • Program notes for the concert.
  • Descriptions of why each piece on the playlist is important.
  • What story is being told by the playlist.
  • See more features and learn more below!

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a playlist and add titles, visit our Knowledge Base Article.

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