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Vocal Mixed Double Quartet Grade C

Number of publications: 7

Title Interactive Digital Sheet Music Contributors Publisher Launch
Till the Stars Fall from the Sky - SATBDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Albrecht, Sally K., composer: Althouse, Jay Alfred Music Publishing
Ashokan Farewell: From the Soundtrack of the PBS Series "The Civil War," a Film by Ken Burns - SATBDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Ungar, Jay, arranger: Stephens, Carole, lyrist: McGregor, Grian Alfred Music Publishing
The White Moon - SATBDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Butler, Eugene Alfred Music Publishing
Charlottown - SATBDigital Sheet Musicarranger: Martin, William Alfred Music Publishing
Bound for Jubilee - TTBBDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Eilers, Joyce Elaine Alfred Music Publishing
Benedictus - SATBDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Lewis, Brian Alfred Music Publishing
Kyrie - SATBDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Leavitt, John Alfred Music Publishing

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