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Treble Chorus Junior High Grade 2

Number of publications: 14
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Title Interactive Digital Sheet Music Contributors Publisher Launch
Song of the River - UnisonInteractivearranger: Patterson, Mark BriLee Music Publishing
Fly Away Home - SSAInteractivecomposer: Pinkzebra Pinkzebra Publishing
Like As a Father - SSADigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Cherubini, Luigi Alfred Music Publishing
O Sing Out with Pleasure - 2-PartDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Handel, George Frideric, arranger: Liebergen, Patrick M. Alfred Music Publishing
How Merrily We Live - SSADigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Este, Michael, arranger: Barrie, Walter Lawson-Gould
The Wind - 2-PartDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Schram, Ruth Elaine Alfred Music Publishing
All the Pretty Little Horses - 2-PartDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Artman, Ruth Alfred Music Publishing
I Walk the Unfrequented Road - SA or TB (with Piano or Organ)Digital Sheet Musicarranger: Kjelson, Lee Alfred Music Publishing
Autumn Vesper - 2-Part (Opt. SSA)Digital Sheet Musiccomposer: Snyder, Audrey Alfred Music Publishing
Skylark and Nightingale - 2-PartDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Snyder, Audrey Alfred Music Publishing
Sanctus - SSADigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Porterfield, Sherri Alfred Music Publishing
Sing Alleluia - 2-PartDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Gilpin, Greg Alfred Music Publishing
Tutu Maramba: Brazilian Lullaby - SSADigital Sheet Musicarranger: Erb, James Lawson-Gould
Sing Dem Herrn - 2-5 VoicesDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Praetorius, Michael, arranger: DePue, Wallace Alfred Music Publishing

Interactive = Interactive
Digital Sheet Music = Digital sheet music