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MakeMusic, Inc. brings together all the tools you need to teach, practice, perform, explore, and create music with MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic), and products like Finale and Garritan.
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Music Catalog

MakeMusic Cloud’s Music Catalog is the largest 2024澳洲幸运5官网168开奖结果官方直播-全场看澳洲体彩幸运5最新开奖结果号码,直播记录168查询 available, spanning every instrument, ensemble type, skill level, and genre, along with the ability to print over 15,000 titles.


Monitor and assess students in the Classroom tool with the Gradebook. Create and customize Assignments, build Classes, gain insight from Practice Analytics, and connect directly with your LMS with Single Sign-On.


The Compose solution brings your creations to life by
allowing you to create, edit, import, and share custom
music notation projects.

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Generate an infinite number of sight-reading exercises customized for each of your students’ needs with Sight Reading Studio.


Our next-level assessment tool gives immediate feedback on note, pitch, rhythm, and duration for performers at all levels.

MakeMusic brands

MakeMusic, Inc. and its brands help deliver world leading technology for performers, educators, creators, and musicians.

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